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When we first started Wise Guys Farms, we focused on cultivating a limited number of cannabis strains. But, as we learned along the way, we began to expand our selection. We understand it’s crucial to stay up to date on the latest trends in cannabis cultivation – like flavor profiles and effects.

When choosing new cannabis strains for Wise Guys Farms, several factors come into play. Our priority is always customer satisfaction; therefore, we are careful to choose strains that have worked well for other farms in the past. Then, when introducing new cannabis strains, we consider shelf life, growing cycle, and overall quality. We also consider whether or not the strain produces high yields. The most important consideration for any new cannabis strain is its smells and tastes; we want to ensure that our customers enjoy our products as much as we love producing them.

So there you have it! Every Wise Guys Farms strain is unique in its way, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! So if you haven’t tried some of our products yet, we invite you to try them the next time you visit a dispensary that carries our products.

Key: S – Sativa I – Indica – H – Hybrid

Biscotti - (H)

Biscotti is an Indica-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG. The cerebral high produced by this strain makes people feel calm, creative, and giggly all over. In addition, it has a sweet taste that is reminiscent of cookies with undertones of diesel.

Cherry Cookie Breath - (H)

Cherry Cookie Breath is among the most popular Girl Scout Cookie hybrids. With a sweet flavor and aroma, it produces euphoric effects, including increased relaxation and happiness.

Mendo Punch - (I)

Mendo Punch originates from Northern California’s Mendocino County. Mendo Punch is the result of crossing Mendo Breath and Purple Punch. This strain is excellent for relieving stress, anxiety and aiding with sleep.

Slurricane - (I)

Slurricane is an indica strain made by crossing dosidos and purple punch. This strain has a sweet flavor of berries and grapes. Slurrican produces long lasting relaxing effects that come on slowly. Consumers find Slurricane ideal for relieving symptoms associated with insomnia.

Monkey Mints - (H)

Monkey Mints is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Grease Monkey and Mint Chocolate Chip strains. Best known for its super sharp minty flavor with hints of spicy chemicals upon exhale. Monkey Mints is perfect for a lazy afternoon when you really want to kick back and relax.

Orange Kush Mints - (H)

Orange Kush Mints is a hybrid cannabis strain developed by crossing Orange Bud X OG Kush X Animal Mints. This strain relieves the body and raises spirits with a sweet and tangy citrus flavor.

Cake N Punch - (I)

Cake N Punch is a Purple Punch and Wedding Cake hybrid. This Indica dominant strain is ideal for relieving pain, insomnia, and nausea. With a sweet aroma that smells of cake, it’s a potent strain with a euphoric and happy high.

Sunset Sherbert - (H)

Sunset Sherbet is an Indica dominant hybrid. This dank bud creates a laid-back vibe that combines both Sativa and Indica effects. Sunset Sherbet is a beautiful fragrance of sweet fruit honey, with a fruity yogurt and honey taste, which intensifies as you exhale

Orange Cake - (H)

The genetics of California Orange, Mimosa, and Orangeade are combined to produce the Indica-leaning strain known as California Orange Cake. Reviewers praise this strain for its heady and sedative effects, making the user feel relaxed and at ease.

Animal Face - (H)

Animal Face crosses OG and Animal Mints to create this strain, a Sativa-dominant hybrid with an Indica influence. With a piney terpene profile, it’s a potent high that is sweet and smooth.

Meat Breath - (I)

Meat Breath is a hybrid cannabis strain from the Mendo Breath and Meatloaf. It’s a pretty flower with deep purples, vibrant greens, orange hairs, and thick trichome coverage. Because of this, it’s become the most popular Indica strain in recent years, for a good reason; it has all you could ask for from an Indica-dominant hybrid.

Kush Cake - (I)

The Kush Cake or Double Kush Cake is a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies that results in an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. This strain has a pleasant, uplifting buzz that will lift your spirits and alleviate tension. Kush Cake has a minty, earthy aroma but is sweet like lemon and vanilla.

Wonka Bars - (H)

Wonka Bars is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing potent GMO X Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies strains. With sweet undertones and slow onset, it’s uplifting, energizing, and helps with increased focus.

Gluebert - (H)

Gluebert crosses two unique strains – Gorilla Glue and Sherbert. This potent strain enhances relaxation, providing relief from pain, increased appetite, as well as both body highs, happiness, and laughter!

Grandpas Cookies - (H)

Grandpa’s Cookies is an Indica-dominant strain that creates a euphoric high. It’s ideal for times when you need to focus and has fruity and floral undertones, including apple, peach, mint, and rose.

Palestinian Cookies - (H)

Palestinian Cookie is a combination of Pineapple Express and Grandpas Cookies, which results in an Indica-dominant hybrid. The Palestinian bud has a sweet and fruity aroma with hints of pine and berries.

Lemon Dosi - Lemon Do-Si-Dos - (H)

This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that’s a cross between Lemon Tree and Do-Si-Dos. Lemon Dosidos has a more energizing than soothing effect. With fresh citrus notes, it’s a strain that will keep you on your toes while lifting your mood.

Gorilla Breath - (H)

Gorilla Breath is a cross of Original Glue and OGKB. This hybrid produces a strong OG aroma. This cannabis strain has a delectable taste profile with undertones of pine, gasoline, chocolate, and diesel that you’ll want to try.

Grandpas Breath - (H)

Grandpa’s Breath is a semi-sedative Indica-dominant strain that promotes physical relaxation. Earthy and fruity undertones with full-body effects help with stress relief, nausea, and appetite loss.

Mac - (H)

An acronym for Miracle Alien Cookies is a Hybrid cannabis strain that crosses Alien Cookies with Starfighter and Columbian. This hybrid strain helps relieve stress and depression.

Kush Mints - (H)

Kush Mints is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. Users love this strain’s flavor, which is distinctive and minty. It has a high THC content and a unique minty taste. Kush Mints’ effects are uplifting and joyous. The taste profile of this strain is similar to that of mint and cookies.

Gushers - (H)

Gushers is hybrid of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush, both of Cookies lineage. Gushers is a high-THC, low-CBD plant with euphoric and enervating effects at the onset, becoming more sedative.

Chem Girlscout Cookie - (H)

The ChemDawg Cookies is an Indica-dominant award-winning hybrid strain. Chemdawg 91 and Girl Scout Cookies combine to offer a rush of cerebral euphoria that fades into full-body relaxation with time.

Cake Crasher - (H)

Wedding Cake is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Wedding Cake with Wedding Crasher. This sweet strain helps with relaxation and stress relief, producing euphoric effects that inspire creativity.

Grandpas Gas - (H)

Cross between three true old school favorites. 1994 Super Skunk, 1992 OG Kush, and a cut of Afghan Kush from the 70s are all at play here.

Grandpas stash has a heavy sweet skunky aroma that’s rich in flavor, with a blend of incense and pine. Great for an afternoon hike the high will get you moving but eventually lead you to a mellow afternoon with a sleepy comedown.

Pudding Pop - (H)

Pudding Pop is a dynamic cross between Forum Cookies and Do-Si-Dos, both of which stem from the legendary GSC. Pudding pop has beautiful green and purple nugs that are densely covered in trichomes. You’ll find sweet berry-like flavor undertones. Consumers say you experience an uplifting sensation before sinking into an euphoric relaxed head space. A great option to smoke at any time of the day but consumers prefer to smoke their desert like strain it in the evening. It’s wonderful for treating stress, anxiety, headaches, and depression.

Hippy Crasher - (H)

Hippy crasher is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the tasty Wedding Cake and Kush Mints strains. Hippy Crasher has a sweet fruity cake flavor added with a light minty cookie exhale. This bud will launch new levels of happiness while dipping your body into a state of relaxation. Hippie Crasher is perfect for treating chronic stress, depression, mood swings, nausea or appetite loss, chronic pain and insomnia.

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