Our Story

Our team has decades of cannabis experience cultivating high-quality exotic strains. As commercial artisans we take great pride in producing some of the best cannabis-based products in the Michigan market.

Founded on September 10th 2020, Wise Guys Farms is excited to produce and cultivate high-quality cannabis products that are designed to improve people’s lives. We use farming methods that create cannabis products which are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and of the highest possible quality.

Wise Guys Farms partners with many local and statewide processors/dispensaries to bring our products to market.

Variety of Cannabis Strains at Wise Guys Farms

Our Strains

Wise Guys Farms cultivates a variety of high-quality cannabis, recognized for their unique flavors and effects. With strong connections in the cannabis industry, we maintain a diverse internal genetic bank, allowing us to cultivate unique, exciting new strains consistently.

Our Best-Selling Strains include:

  • Cherry Cookie Breath
  • Biscotti
  • Mendo Punch
  • Slurricane
  • Monkey Mints
  • Cake n’ Punch
  • Grandpas Gas
  • Orange Kush Mints
  • Lemon Dosido
  • Meat Breath
  • Gorilla Breath
  • Wonka Bars
  • Gluebert
  • Pudding Pop
  • Gushers
  • Orange Cake
  • MAC
  • Sherbert

As the cannabis industry evolves and changes, so will Wise Guys Farms. As a result, we continually look for innovative ways to improve our growing methods to exceed our customers’ expectations and our own.

Click below to see more of our genetic lineup:

golden hour cannabis

Why Choose Wise Guys Farms?

The cannabis industry is changing rapidly, and businesses like ours need to stay ahead of industry trends and consumer preferences.

Our skilled team of highly trained professionals brings positive energy and love for what they do every day. These values translate into our products.

As active community members, we’re always searching for ways to locally contribute to the growing cannabis movement.

Wise Guys Farms is dedicated to excellence in all areas, from sustainable growing practices to customer service. We work diligently to cultivate high-quality products that exceed expectations and improve the lives of our customers.

The 3 Wise Guys Farm Owners

The 3 Wise Guys who started it all

The 3 Wise Guys who started it all…Sol, Cort, & Joey.
Grade school friends & business partners for over a decade; they have a wide array of experiences with cannabis cultivation, real estate development, construction, greenhouse management & design and more. They have brought multiple brands, provisioning centers and cultivation facilities to success by spearheading legislation and making an impact in the communities they serve. Keep an eye on these guys and the big plans in store for Wise Guys Farms and their teams.

Where To Find Wise Guys Farms Products

Our cannabis products are available at top dispensaries via our partnerships across Michigan

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