Flower Products

Wise Guys Farms is proud to offer a variety of strains and quality products to meet the needs of every consumer.

Cherry lime runtz macro


We offer a wide variety of premium bulk flower grown at Wise Guys Farms, ranging from that sweet, fruity aroma all the way to that straight gas. 

pre-packaged flower

Pre-Packaged Flower

Don’t need bulk flower? No problem! We also offer our premium strains already broken down into ounce and ⅛ packages and ready to fly off the shelves.



Need something quick and already ready to go? Wise Guys Farms also offers pre-rolled joints that are ready to spark. 

Why Choose Wise Guys Flower?

Here at Wise Guys Farms, our team of highly trained cultivation technicians takes pride in spending time with our plants and reading what they need to help them reach their maximum potential. Week by week and even day by day, adjustments are made to ensure that our product is some of the cleanest and highest quality on the Michigan shelves.  

Wise Guys Products

Flower Products From Wise Guys Farms

We’re always looking to expand and improve our product offerings to best meet consumer needs. Check back often for updates and to stay up to date on new product offerings.  


Where to find our Products

Follow the link below to find stores that carry our products

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